This is why I’m doing this. (long story version)

My thesis began with a very personal connection to home. Since moving away from my family and returning home for vacations and holidays, I realized that there are certain things that can’t be recreated through video chat or text messages. Particularly, it is the conversations at dinners and family gatherings. When I am home, in Hawaii, I rarely look at my phone or go on my computer.  I feel like a different person because here in NY I am always connected to my earphones, on my phone, checking my e-mail or doing work for school. So how is it that these two worlds can exist at the same time?

I think about the rules I had growing up—no TV while watching dinner, no phone calls from friends—and how these rules might be harder to enforce now. We are constantly surrounded by technology and smart phones that have proven to change the way we interact with one another virtually as well as in the physical space. Now, while eating with friends, it’s hard to get their attention sometimes with cellphones in their face, and e-mails or texts that are waiting for answers. So how does this change the way we use technology in the physical space, if it changes it at all?

Growing up, I also enjoyed making things with my hands. I enjoyed drawing, folding papers and writing. Now I see my young cousins playing on iPads and learning in a different way. This is an exciting time where technology is providing people with the ability to learn and do at faster rates with amazing tools.   How can we embrace the new while we celebrate the old?

Throughout my time here at Parsons I am in a constant conundrum about the use of technology. While I embrace its many benefits with keeping me connected with my family and friends across the states, I also sense a disconnect that it brings between friends in real space. I want to explore the connection we have to technology and how it helps (or hurts) us.

I am innovative and traditional . I enjoy the “old” ways of communicating—snail mail, real conversations—but embrace computers and my iPhone. I want to explore these two areas and show people my thoughts through my process.


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