Thank You.


Once again, it’s late. As 4AM comes around in a few minutes, so does the final draft of my thesis paper. The last thing, and maybe most important piece of writing I did included my acknowledgements and dedication. This past year has been filled with ups and downs, changes, turns, twists, but I would not have had it any other way. The constant has been the desire to find a balance between living away from home but honoring where I am from. Below is a screen shot of the first page of my thesis paper. Thank you to all of you, mentioned and unmentioned, for being a part of this experience. Whether it was a willing or unwilling contribution, it  made a difference. You are going down in #matsumotothesis history, forever.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 9.42.45 PM


Thesis Paper

Tonight I don’t think I will do any building because I am working on organizing my thesis paper. Right now it’s 30 pages and a little redundant. After meeting with Louisa last week she gave me some good tips on how to really breakdown each part of my paper as I write for an audience other than myself. She said to think of it as writing a a magazine article, what will keep the reader interested? I am also working on adding photos to help my thought process. Writing has always been a challenge for me. Thoughts in my head just don’t always come out so eloquently on paper. My left and right brain must work together for this paper. After all, it’s what’s going to tell my story.

This week & Production Schedule

Thesis is ending in the next coming months, and here is the road map I’m taking to get it done.

This week was my first week back at school and I figured a few things out for thesis:

1. Create a scale model of the mobile dinner table.

2. Have a pre-dinner survey.

3. Thesis paper will be written in a series of books: Past, Present, and Future.

4. Videos take longer than you think to edit.

5.  In a few short months, this year long project will be coming to an end. Seems so quick!



Thesis Final Deliverables

Class Activities

Post-It Ideation

Precedent Mapping Activity

Methodology Workshop

Production Schedule

Prototype Presentations


Protoype02 & DecipheringDinner Book File

Protoype3- Midterm



Final Paper







Writing & Research Presentations









Elevator Pitch

WR_Elevator Pitch

Interviews: Melanie Crean and Mom

We had interviews due today for Writing and Research.

A couple weeks ago I had a chat with Melanie Crean, another professor at Parsons in MFADT.  I call this an informal interview because at the time, I just saw it as bouncing ideas off a new perspective. I didn’t record the convo or prepare many questions.

My other interview was with my mom, Ann. At this point, I have reflected and looking at my own experiences and feelings about family dinner and technology at the table, but no one else. It helped to talk to my mom because usually, we wouldn’t really bring this stuff up on a day-to-day basis.

Project Titles

Although I haven’t nailed down my project ideas, we are still working on project titles. My thesis project for my undergrad degree in Visual Arts was called “Please Remove Your Shoes.” Unlike here on the mainland, in Hawaii, you remove your shoes before entering a home. This project had a lot to do with coming into my “home” that I recreated in a gallery space. This exhibition was also centered around a dining table that I created because it was the space where conversations were held and I learned a lot about my family culture.

This project is a little different because it focuses more on the table, and dinner conversation. I think it is also more related to the relationships formed between the people at the table. For me, it may be the relationship between my mom. At the table, we played by her rules.

I am going to start by listing some (obvious and not very good) thoughts:

  • Dinner Conversations
  • Time for Dinner
  • Dinner Time
  • Five by four (Five people, four sides to the table)
  • FamilyTime (like FaceTime, but not just digitally? bringing back the tech into the idea?)
  • No TV at the table (?)
  • Table Talk
  • Family First
  • Together (To…Get..Her)…yeah that’s useless
  • The Space Within
  • ….still thinking

I like “Talk to me” so its too bad that it was the title for that MoMA exhibit. Shucks!

Prototype #2: Deciphering Dinner

I was sick last week and didn’t get to update as often as I wanted to! I realized that I have been missing posting daily, but I have been updating my bibliography.

For this prototype I created a book to tell the story of my family experiences around the dinner table. The things I remember and meaningful conversations are depicted in the narrative of this story.

I have been in a little of a rut recently, trying to figure out where my thesis is going. While some people are on a clear defined bath, I think I have some defined areas of interest and I am not sure how al these pieces are going to come together. It troubles me to think that this far into thesis, I am unsure of what exactly my thesis will be.

I am also struggling because of my personal connection to my work so far. I wanted to be able to expand my ideas through my thesis to other people, other cultures, other groups, but I haven’t been able to clearly define how I will be able to bridge that gap. Today, in our critique Katherine made a good point and said if what I really want to do is about myself, I need to stop fighting it and either accept it, or move on because if I don’t decide soon, I will end up running myself in circles. This is exactly how I feel. I think it is the balance of staying true to what I am passionate about but also being able to challenge myself along the way. I have to think a little more about this though and what exactly I am after.  Part of me feels like I am trying to come up with an understanding of why I am the person I am today.

In doing this prototype I was able to make something that I see as a description to my past. A description to why I have these values that a lot of other people don’t necessarily tie themselves to. To see the whole story, click here.

My presentation from class today can also be viewed at this link and here is a link to my brief for my second prototype.