While I have been highly inactive this week on my blog, I have been very active at school. One last week of class and one last week of all nighters. Today was the first day of our thesis symposium. We had to prep and deliver a 5 minute, auto-advanced presentation. Today was great! Got to watch my friends present the projects we have been working on all year long.

Tomorrow it’s my turn. 11AM eastern time, 8AM west coast time, 5AM Hawaii time. Don’t miss a beat out of myself or my colleagues. Catch it here:


Dinner with Claudia

Monday night, I had dinner with Claudia. She was my professor first and soon very good friend. Claudia is the lifesaver that let me stay in we apartment while I was not able to live in mine after the building fixed the Hurricane Sandy damage.

Throughout this year, Claudia has been a teacher, friend and mentor to my life. Based on her responses to my questions, I brought her spaghetti and meatballs, wine and some ice berg lettuce salad with Italian dressing. Claudia is someone who is constantly attached to technology. She seems to always be connected and up to dat thanks to the lovely “internets” as she calls it. Giving up her phone for almost three hours, I was extremely proud of her. Claudia shared her memories of growing up in the 70’s. We had a great conversation and meal together talking about her past, my past and some current life things we are going through.

Claudia has become like family for me here in New York. With no one from her family right in the city we both share the same wants to have a close friend nearby. She is already scheming to keep me in the city. I do believe that keeping and making relationships like the one I have with Claudia is what makes me feel at home, away from my home.

Special helper

Today I spent a couple hours helping out fellow MFADT thesiser, Paweena, with her project. She did a playtest at her son’s first grade class today and needed someone to help take pictures and document. I thought it was really fun to visit the school as see how the kids interacted with her thesis. It’s a set of interactive foam blocks that aim at teaching children basic circuitry using a base and some outputs such as a light, sound and a vibrating block. The kids had good ideas! They were a little exhausting and full of energy. A much needed burst of energy during this tiring time.



Today the program got together to paint and prep our thesis show space on the 6th floor of 6 E. 16th street. I had to admit I didn’t get there at 12:30PM as planned but arrived at 8:30PM when I realized people were still there! By that time, a lot was already painted including my space. We finally got or space allocations and I am pleased with mine, except I am thinking about building a platform to raise up the floor surface and give my thesis more of a presence.
I think it would also help and be a good way to mimic entering a home. This project is really working parallel to the same ideas of my undergrad thesis. Except, this expands and completes that concept so much more!


20130421-034628.jpg<br /
Speaking of undergrad, I wore the same painting pants I did when I worked on putting together that show. These blue tights are slowly getting more and more white paint splatters but also coming along with me as I make good memories.

By hand



I did a bunch of sewing today. I made some pouches for the silverware that are going inside the boxes as well as a cover for the layer that divides the bottom and top of second box. This way food can be places on the top hole the dishes remain on the bottom. Tomorrow I am going to bring my teak out of my apartment for the first time and to school. This should be interesting. I am hoping that my planning paid off and everything works and stays in place as I expected.


Having “family dinner” with my friend, Hyeri.

I have def been slacking on posting to Matsumoto Thesis, but that does not mean there has been a lack of thesis work.
I have made a lot of personal progress. Now I feel like I am in a much better place, especially in understanding what is important to me. The feeling of family dinner, and family coming together is really the biggest deal in this whole exploration. I want to be able to “re-create” these rituals and make aware the importance of having them.

For me, it helped due to the absence of my father. I was alway afraid or hesitant to bring him up in my discussion because a lot of people don’t know how to react.┬áThe heart of my thesis is my family and their influence on my artistic life. We were not perfect, but we were as perfect as can be. The idea of family dinner is not only important for myself, but for everyone. Keeping the focus at the table and with the people around you. It is when most people feel they are with, or forced to be with their family.