The (almost) End.


Today marks the end of my formal thesis presentations. With my symposium presentation and panel discussion done this morning, I’m FREE from thesis. Just got a couple of documents to turn in and then thesis year will come to a close. The show is still up but the symposium is over.

Special thanks to Hazel Bala for the top two pics and sister Jes for the last.

I’m celebrating by eating ice cream, of course!

The BIG Show



The last couple nights there was no sense of night or day, just work. Work. Work. Get what needed to get done as quickly but carefully as possible. Side school became 24 hours on Sunday, I slept after the crack on dawn consistently for the past 3 nights. Then maybe slept an average of 3 hours each night. There were a few last minute touches and a video to edit (will share soon) for the exhibition.

All that said, tonight was the MFA Design and Technology class of 2013 Thesis Show. There was lots of hard work and time spent into putting this together by the entire show. Above you’ll find me working late one night, on my thesis, literally on my thesis and then my thesis setup and finally me, ready to celebrate it all being over! (Well at least the exhibition, still got a paper to finish and a presentation for symposium next week!)

I can truly say that it’s hard to believe the show is FINALLY here. After working on thesis for a year, it is a good feeling to see the end. There have been lots of challenges but also victories. Things will get done with hard work and determination. There are some sacrifices along the way but they are well worth it in the end.

A lot has happened!





With the show opening in just TWO days, this weekend has been a battle o trouble shooting and installing. Luckily, school became 24hrs Sunday night so I stayed there along with some other dedicated thesis-ers until 5:45AM! It was a super productive and gratifying work session because all the pieces that I had prepped finally came together! I still have a few final touches and a video to edit but it’s looking promising. Work, work, work!

Display Decisions

Today was one of the hardest days. Why? Because I am being indecisive and over-thinking and am struggling with commitment. I have been thinking about my plan for my exhibition for a while now, playing with the idea of frames on the wall and how many I would have and in what organization. Part of it will be having a monitor that plays video, another part is having family images and stories behind different parts of my thesis. Tonight I came up with a couple of organizations, with these two in the running for final options. I decided on the second, because of the way it also reflects family picture frame arrangemetns. Going to purchase my frames tomorrow and get it up on the wall. It has to happen SOON because we are supposed to be done with the install end of day, MONDAY!

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 5.04.19 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 5.26.53 PM

I also went to Home Depot, AGAIN today, to buy myself an extension cord and some wall mounting strips for the frames. I am spending more money there than anywhere else. So far I have already got myself a japanese hand saw, heavy duty plier, wood filler, wood block conditioning oil, metal clamps, paint, screws of various sizes, casters, nails, velcro–it’s never ending. Whenever I say, “this is my last trip to Home Depot,” I find myself going back the next day.


April 29&30





Spent one day sanding my platform, spent another day upholstering the aides with fabric and one night being influenced by Liz Tolson and wore a headband while working. I was trying to post this last night but fell asleep in the process. My aching body finally gave up and put itself to sleep before I did.

Special delivery!

This is a late post about the happenings from Friday! I started the morning bright at early arriving at school for a 9AM delivery from Prince Lumber. Originally they have us a window between 9-12PM but to our surprise the guy came early! I missed his call at 8:58am because I was riding the subway to school but after a few minutes of phone tag, we reconnected and he came back. So lucky we didn’t have to wait all day! After the wood arrived I probably looked ridiculous hauling it in and out of the elevators so Willy and Timmy from school facilities helped me get everything to the elevator and up to the 6th floor.


I laid out the frame and the went to class at 12PM, returning right after at 3:30 to start securing everything in place. With a drill in hand, I started powering through making that study base. It was actually harder than I thought because of how thick the 2x4s are and also because I think my drill not was slightly too small for the screws we bought



Two hours later, I built myself a stage, a bed, a platform, or a horizontal wall. Now all that’s left is to secure the top and treat the wood. Not sure how I will so that yet but, I have maybe a day to make my final decision. After I finished my work for the day I spent a little bit of time bugging other people in their space.


Field trip to Prince Lumber!

After a discussion yesterday with the Parsons woodshop guy, Vinny, I decided on how I was going to build my little platform for the show. Unfortunately it seemed to be a bigger, and more costly endeavor than I expected. Vinny suggested getting the lumber ordered and delivered to school. The place that would do that for me in the city is Prince Lumber located on 15th and 9th.

After talking with my thesis show neighbors and classmates, Youmna and Daniela they also decided they needed a platform for their project. Today we went together on a field trip to spend more money on thesis.

Prince Lumber has really great customer service. I talked with Phil, and he helped us figure out what we needed. After showing him my drawing and diagram, explaining what it was for, going back and forth through some confusing conversations about structure, and taking many trips in and out to see different types of plywood we finally came to a conclusion. Phil was very patient with us and I thank him for that! He showed me options I had but also kept in mind that we were on a budget and spending money on something we didn’t plan on having and something we will not be keeping after the show. They will be cutting our pieces down to size and then delivering to us tomorrow morning sometime between 9am and 12pm. This means having an unusually early start to my day!
On my way home I stopped at my other professor, Claudia’s apartment because I mentioned I needed to locate a drill to build this contraption and she had one! Amazing. I’m not sure if I will be building anything tomorrow, but I will definitely go looking for the right screws and supplies I need. I also think going to have to get some sanding supplies and something to finish the surface.

Just a pic of my essentials: Wallet, check. Computer, check. Notebook, check. Drill? Check.

Blue tape


Today I went to my space to figure out some space issues. Now that I know I want to build a platform to display my project the first step was figuring it how big it needs to be. After doing a couple of layouts with blue tape, I decided that it will be 115″ long and 72″ deep. That allows the platform to fit in the little alcove. Another issue is that there are no outlets nearby so by having this raised floor, it can also be a place to hide the MacMini and electrical cords.

After figuring out my dimensions I went to the woodshop and had a talk with the tech that was working. I basically explained to him what I wanted to hold and how I had no idea how to do it. I did do some research online to look for other people who made platforms, but most were for beds. He told me that it should be pretty simple and they can help. I just need to be sure to get the wood. They only have 1x 3’s available there so if I want 2×4’s I’m on my own. Also on my own to figure out what’s going on top of the thing. I can definitely buy wood but the probably is definitely the transportation.

I thought I was done building and coughing up the cash for all this, but I guess I thought wrong! Thesis never ends! I also need to work on my paper…I feel bad for putting it on the back burner but I need to throw that back on the fire and cook it up until its well-done.

I also took a minute to do some work with my roomie in his space. He decided he’s gonna rip of this ugly cork-board/dry wall that was on his wall to make it have a smooth surface. The problem? It’s just gonna take more time and a few more coats of paint! He can do it, and I’ll help because I like that stuff. I think by the end of thesis, I’ll be ready to build a house—a bird house