The BIG Show



The last couple nights there was no sense of night or day, just work. Work. Work. Get what needed to get done as quickly but carefully as possible. Side school became 24 hours on Sunday, I slept after the crack on dawn consistently for the past 3 nights. Then maybe slept an average of 3 hours each night. There were a few last minute touches and a video to edit (will share soon) for the exhibition.

All that said, tonight was the MFA Design and Technology class of 2013 Thesis Show. There was lots of hard work and time spent into putting this together by the entire show. Above you’ll find me working late one night, on my thesis, literally on my thesis and then my thesis setup and finally me, ready to celebrate it all being over! (Well at least the exhibition, still got a paper to finish and a presentation for symposium next week!)

I can truly say that it’s hard to believe the show is FINALLY here. After working on thesis for a year, it is a good feeling to see the end. There have been lots of challenges but also victories. Things will get done with hard work and determination. There are some sacrifices along the way but they are well worth it in the end.


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