Dinner with Claudia

Monday night, I had dinner with Claudia. She was my professor first and soon very good friend. Claudia is the lifesaver that let me stay in we apartment while I was not able to live in mine after the building fixed the Hurricane Sandy damage.

Throughout this year, Claudia has been a teacher, friend and mentor to my life. Based on her responses to my questions, I brought her spaghetti and meatballs, wine and some ice berg lettuce salad with Italian dressing. Claudia is someone who is constantly attached to technology. She seems to always be connected and up to dat thanks to the lovely “internets” as she calls it. Giving up her phone for almost three hours, I was extremely proud of her. Claudia shared her memories of growing up in the 70’s. We had a great conversation and meal together talking about her past, my past and some current life things we are going through.

Claudia has become like family for me here in New York. With no one from her family right in the city we both share the same wants to have a close friend nearby. She is already scheming to keep me in the city. I do believe that keeping and making relationships like the one I have with Claudia is what makes me feel at home, away from my home.


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