Special delivery!

This is a late post about the happenings from Friday! I started the morning bright at early arriving at school for a 9AM delivery from Prince Lumber. Originally they have us a window between 9-12PM but to our surprise the guy came early! I missed his call at 8:58am because I was riding the subway to school but after a few minutes of phone tag, we reconnected and he came back. So lucky we didn’t have to wait all day! After the wood arrived I probably looked ridiculous hauling it in and out of the elevators so Willy and Timmy from school facilities helped me get everything to the elevator and up to the 6th floor.


I laid out the frame and the went to class at 12PM, returning right after at 3:30 to start securing everything in place. With a drill in hand, I started powering through making that study base. It was actually harder than I thought because of how thick the 2x4s are and also because I think my drill not was slightly too small for the screws we bought



Two hours later, I built myself a stage, a bed, a platform, or a horizontal wall. Now all that’s left is to secure the top and treat the wood. Not sure how I will so that yet but, I have maybe a day to make my final decision. After I finished my work for the day I spent a little bit of time bugging other people in their space.



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