Blue tape


Today I went to my space to figure out some space issues. Now that I know I want to build a platform to display my project the first step was figuring it how big it needs to be. After doing a couple of layouts with blue tape, I decided that it will be 115″ long and 72″ deep. That allows the platform to fit in the little alcove. Another issue is that there are no outlets nearby so by having this raised floor, it can also be a place to hide the MacMini and electrical cords.

After figuring out my dimensions I went to the woodshop and had a talk with the tech that was working. I basically explained to him what I wanted to hold and how I had no idea how to do it. I did do some research online to look for other people who made platforms, but most were for beds. He told me that it should be pretty simple and they can help. I just need to be sure to get the wood. They only have 1x 3’s available there so if I want 2×4’s I’m on my own. Also on my own to figure out what’s going on top of the thing. I can definitely buy wood but the probably is definitely the transportation.

I thought I was done building and coughing up the cash for all this, but I guess I thought wrong! Thesis never ends! I also need to work on my paper…I feel bad for putting it on the back burner but I need to throw that back on the fire and cook it up until its well-done.

I also took a minute to do some work with my roomie in his space. He decided he’s gonna rip of this ugly cork-board/dry wall that was on his wall to make it have a smooth surface. The problem? It’s just gonna take more time and a few more coats of paint! He can do it, and I’ll help because I like that stuff. I think by the end of thesis, I’ll be ready to build a house—a bird house



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