Today the program got together to paint and prep our thesis show space on the 6th floor of 6 E. 16th street. I had to admit I didn’t get there at 12:30PM as planned but arrived at 8:30PM when I realized people were still there! By that time, a lot was already painted including my space. We finally got or space allocations and I am pleased with mine, except I am thinking about building a platform to raise up the floor surface and give my thesis more of a presence.
I think it would also help and be a good way to mimic entering a home. This project is really working parallel to the same ideas of my undergrad thesis. Except, this expands and completes that concept so much more!


20130421-034628.jpg<br /
Speaking of undergrad, I wore the same painting pants I did when I worked on putting together that show. These blue tights are slowly getting more and more white paint splatters but also coming along with me as I make good memories.


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