Hello world, meet my thesis.


Meet my big red box! Well, actually it’s a little more than that but to the average person, it’s santa’s bag of toys he forgot to take back with him to the North Pole. Today was the first day that I took my thesis out into the city. Until now it’s been on Maui, on a plane, in some bags, but never rolling the streets. Today I had my individual meeting with Katherine, my thesis professor so I had to bring it out! I also wanted to test to see how well my deign would be. Turned out, not so good for some things.


I took it up and down the subway and rolled it from my apartment but it slowed me down. Being on all fours was difficult because I had to push it. After my meeting I went to Home Depot and got myself a collapsible cart. Just one of two left! It worked well until the roommate and I knocked each other and it collapsed over near our street. Might have to work on a better balancing act. I also tripped over my thesis and almost fell with it this afternoon on my way to school. I think a bruise is forming but, just shows the things I have to be aware of! The handle that I sewed ripped a little due to my lack is preparation in double sticking but…that can be fixed too! Other than that the size is good. It’s not easy, but a welcomed challenge.

Katherine suggested for me to use cutting board oil to finish my table. This was the best idea! I was struggling looking for the right finish that also didn’t leave a smell. I bought this stuff at the HD(Home Depot) today and its perfect. This way the surface is treated but also food safe. I had to warm it up a little, as the directions indicates before wiping it on. Good thing I have lots of extra muslin lying around. I love how the mineral oil darkened the wood and overall, gave it a richer tone. At one point I was contemplating putting some pattern and designs on the box but I am over that. I really like the wood as-is and with so much other stuff going on with the patterning in the fabrics that it would just be too much.

I also had a meeting with Louisa, writing teacher today. We talked about my outline and format for my final paper. I think we settled on a really good plan of attack and now that my box is near complete and dinners will be starting, I can focus on sifting through the 30 thesis pages I currently have and also write new segments to bring it all together. Louisa also mentioned she wanted an online presence, so I’m going to have to think about how this project will live on the web (because I shouldn’t have been doing that already). So hello world, welcome to Matsumoto Thesis.


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