A heavy load.



Yesterday we had desk crits in class meaning I had to bring my boxes (still in pieces) to class. It was fine except rather heavy considering its wood. I has two big bags that I lugged onto the subway but I made it to and from school with no casualties to the things I carried.



I set up my “table” For the first time outside of my home. I thought it looked bad since I just taped it together but I think once I spend the time to Flickr together this weekend I can spend more time on sanding and finishing the edges. I was very pleased with the way the size of the table worked out. The proportions are right and it feels right.

As for the critiques, there are always things to think about and aspects that can be done better. One critic lamented that the box may have been better with dovetail joints. What he doesn’t know is the trouble and research I went through finding someone to do that and failing. What it comes down to was time. Also looking for someone here in the city was not easy. What is important to me is that this is something I built myself, with the help of others. I had the first hand experience throughout every step of this process. What I need to do a better job of is explaining that struggle and how all these layers if information come together. In the end it becomes quite the heavy load.


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