Desk Crits: Feedback from Ted Byfield

Today in class we had desk crits. Like an exhibition style where half the class shows there work and the other half plays.  Katherine also invites one critic from school to come around and talk to everyone about our work. That person today was Ted Byfield. Here is a list of feed back I got from class today:

From classmates:

  • Transcribe the recorded dinner conversations. Have each dinner become a book or piece of printed material that stays with the table. 
  • Low table–representing Japanese culture more. Make the cushions and screen print designs onto the fabrics.
  • Web Presence: Have the survey be online for friends to fill out prior to the dinner. start branding the project.
  • The table is an Identity, there are sections for everything and everything has a purpose.
  • sounds, soundscape of the dinner
  • Handles for the sides/different ways to transport.
  • Make the food? Personal thing for friends, more meaning to the project
  • Make an accordion booklet/sketch book that stays with the project for each dinner. Past (my history, history of project); Present (what they write, the participants); Future (how it went, reflection…)
  • Modules or sections so the table can be either high or low, or be longer for more people?
  • Dovetail tutorial online to put the pieces together.
  • The table is my identity.

Feedback from Ted:

  • The dynamics of the conversation depend on the number of people. How many people do you want to have? 
  • Think big, but how big? how many is too many? how many people do you want to have here at once?
  • Are there more possibilities with more people?
  • Maybe it changes based on the environment?
  • Is this an Urban Intervention? A new style to approach design?
  • How do we define this device? (It is an art piece)
  • Affordance, enables you to do something
  • Is this design with a social orientation? enables groups and becomes open source?

With the feedback from my classmates and also from Ted I have some new things to think about. Mainly how to position my project and talk about it to other people so I explain it as an art piece and the table itself being an intimate object that I share with myself and friends. I also think that I will further the idea of making it made for different numbers of people. Also looking in to lowering the table to bring another level of intimacy and culture into it.

More things to think about…


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