DEC 11: Final Presentation

The semester seems like it flew by and final presentations were this past week. I presented my final idea of my thesis containing parts of my heritage. My proposal to carry out the placements and the postcards are part of the exploration I want to do when I go home during the break. Here are my presentations slides. Sorry there is no dubbed audio of what I actually said to go along with it, but I you’ll get the idea.

Thesis_FINAL_Page_01 Thesis_FINAL_Page_02  Thesis_FINAL_Page_04 Thesis_FINAL_Page_05 Thesis_FINAL_Page_06 Thesis_FINAL_Page_07 Thesis_FINAL_Page_08 Thesis_FINAL_Page_09 Thesis_FINAL_Page_10 Thesis_FINAL_Page_11 Thesis_FINAL_Page_12 Thesis_FINAL_Page_13 Thesis_FINAL_Page_14 Thesis_FINAL_Page_15 Thesis_FINAL_Page_16 Thesis_FINAL_Page_17 Thesis_FINAL_Page_18 Thesis_FINAL_Page_19 Thesis_FINAL_Page_20 Thesis_FINAL_Page_21 Thesis_FINAL_Page_22 Thesis_FINAL_Page_23 Thesis_FINAL_Page_24 Thesis_FINAL_Page_25 Thesis_FINAL_Page_26 Thesis_FINAL_Page_27 Thesis_FINAL_Page_28 Thesis_FINAL_Page_29 Thesis_FINAL_Page_30



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