Going on “Sherman’s March” with Ross McElwee


I watched Sherman’s March. Louisa suggested it to me in class and luckily, it was available on Instant Play on Netflix. It was a 2.5hour documentary on Ross McElwee’s intention on doing a documentary on General Sherman’s destructive march through the south in the Civil War, but ended up being a personal documentary of his search for love. I think this style of documentary, where the documentor is always holding the camera, and is rarely present was intriguing. It was as if I was right there with him or as him.  What the camera saw was what he saw and it gave a good perspective to connect with the documentor. I thought that this proved effective because although this was over two hours long, I felt like I wanted to know more about his journey and continue it with him. Also, at the end, he finds love, but doesn’t reveal if it goes anywhere. A cliff hanger–and all I really want to know is if that woman ever went out on more than one date with him.

This documentary formed out of an unexpected journey by the documentor. He set out to do one thing, but found himself compelled to take on another project. He goes back and forth talking about the change in his plans. It’s very real. Seems raw and uncut. I liked it.


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