After watching “All About My Mother”

Its 2:39 in the morning and I just finished watching “All About My Mother.”

This was an extremely moving film. There were many stories going on at the same time and I had to especially focus because it was also subtitled.  The child, Esteban, who tragically dies in the beginning of the movie wants to know more about his father. At the end of the movie, you see what he writes to his mother, saying that even if he was a terrible, wonderful, or had secrets, he wanted to know more about his father. The poor boy never got to know his dad, and vice versa. Esteban tells his mother there will be a time he needs to learn about his father.  The mother does not talk about him and in the end, Esteban never gets his questions answered.

I feel the same about my situation. Although it’s not all that big of a mystery. I don’t now much, but it’s not a complete secret–it’s  more about me needing to ask. I must ask in order to get questions answered and be at peace. So how will I ask these questions? What will spark the conversation? What will mediate this conversation?




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