Eatrip Documentary

eatripPaweena gave me this documentary, Eatrip,  this week for a belated birthday present. It’s a Japanese documentary on the culture of eating food. This is actually related to my thesis because it talks about the culture and meaning of food. Not directly family dinner, but it is about the ritual of eating and coming together.  Watching this subtitled movie brought back memories of watching shows with my grandma.  Since those Japanese shows were always subtitled and I had to be attentive to understand what was going on. After watching this movie there was a segment on a wife in Okinawa that said that eating is more than just the food, but enjoying the food and where it came from. It is also about starting a conversation with the people you enjoying the meal with.

This documentary is not just about Japanese food and culture, but more about the rituals that these people share with one another through these experiences.  The food in this case is the mediator of the conversations.  Many of the people in the documentary trade foods with one another that they grow or prepare themselves.  They share it with other families or sell them at local markets.  It is truly a beautiful experience where food brings all these people together and probably made them the good friends with the close connections they have now.

This documentary held a lot of history but personal stories.  These people were not all related, but they had similar parallel stories.





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