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DEC 11: Final Presentation

The semester seems like it flew by and final presentations were this past week. I presented my final idea of my thesis containing parts of my heritage. My proposal to carry out the placements and the postcards are part of the exploration I want to do when I go home during the break. Here are my presentations slides. Sorry there is no dubbed audio of what I actually said to go along with it, but I you’ll get the idea.

Thesis_FINAL_Page_01 Thesis_FINAL_Page_02  Thesis_FINAL_Page_04 Thesis_FINAL_Page_05 Thesis_FINAL_Page_06 Thesis_FINAL_Page_07 Continue reading

From Cali to Hawaii


Browsing through Facebook and I came across this posts from my friend Andrew. He lives in Calabasas, CA but hsi family is back home on the island of O’ahu . His post read:

“Chatting with mommy and daddy while I eat my lucky panda dinner. I’m pretending one of the plates is for them.”

After seeing this,  I thought about how everyone deals with the absence of their family at some point or another.  Luckily we are able to connect with them through technology. The experience of being away from home is actually only absent in the physical presence.  I don’t know how people handled moving away without being able to call or see their families often.

We are definitely living in a privileged and exceptional time. Let’s be  thankful for that.

An interactive table design


Eurocities. Interactive tablecloth by Subiros Design.

Another table cloth, table design, asking each member questions about their dinner. The artifact that is left is a reflection of the persons experience your more about who they are.


Interesting, because it is an analog recording of the person’s dinner experience. It allows the person there to record their feelings as well as their past.

I think I can take inspiration from this in how the person records their thoughts. In my experience, I think they also need to be able to do the same thing. Before, during, and after.

Going on “Sherman’s March” with Ross McElwee


I watched Sherman’s March. Louisa suggested it to me in class and luckily, it was available on Instant Play on Netflix. It was a 2.5hour documentary on Ross McElwee’s intention on doing a documentary on General Sherman’s destructive march through the south in the Civil War, but ended up being a personal documentary of his search for love. I think this style of documentary, where the documentor is always holding the camera, and is rarely present was intriguing. It was as if I was right there with him or as him.  What the camera saw was what he saw and it gave a good perspective to connect with the documentor. I thought that this proved effective because although this was over two hours long, I felt like I wanted to know more about his journey and continue it with him. Also, at the end, he finds love, but doesn’t reveal if it goes anywhere. A cliff hanger–and all I really want to know is if that woman ever went out on more than one date with him.

This documentary formed out of an unexpected journey by the documentor. He set out to do one thing, but found himself compelled to take on another project. He goes back and forth talking about the change in his plans. It’s very real. Seems raw and uncut. I liked it.

After watching “All About My Mother”

Its 2:39 in the morning and I just finished watching “All About My Mother.”

This was an extremely moving film. There were many stories going on at the same time and I had to especially focus because it was also subtitled.  The child, Esteban, who tragically dies in the beginning of the movie wants to know more about his father. At the end of the movie, you see what he writes to his mother, saying that even if he was a terrible, wonderful, or had secrets, he wanted to know more about his father. The poor boy never got to know his dad, and vice versa. Esteban tells his mother there will be a time he needs to learn about his father.  The mother does not talk about him and in the end, Esteban never gets his questions answered.

I feel the same about my situation. Although it’s not all that big of a mystery. I don’t now much, but it’s not a complete secret–it’s  more about me needing to ask. I must ask in order to get questions answered and be at peace. So how will I ask these questions? What will spark the conversation? What will mediate this conversation?



Eatrip Documentary

eatripPaweena gave me this documentary, Eatrip,  this week for a belated birthday present. It’s a Japanese documentary on the culture of eating food. This is actually related to my thesis because it talks about the culture and meaning of food. Not directly family dinner, but it is about the ritual of eating and coming together.  Watching this subtitled movie brought back memories of watching shows with my grandma.  Since those Japanese shows were always subtitled and I had to be attentive to understand what was going on. After watching this movie there was a segment on a wife in Okinawa that said that eating is more than just the food, but enjoying the food and where it came from. It is also about starting a conversation with the people you enjoying the meal with.

This documentary is not just about Japanese food and culture, but more about the rituals that these people share with one another through these experiences.  The food in this case is the mediator of the conversations.  Many of the people in the documentary trade foods with one another that they grow or prepare themselves.  They share it with other families or sell them at local markets.  It is truly a beautiful experience where food brings all these people together and probably made them the good friends with the close connections they have now.

This documentary held a lot of history but personal stories.  These people were not all related, but they had similar parallel stories.