I haven’t posted to Matsumoto Thesis for about a week now. If I had to grade myself, I’d give myself and F for no effort.  Although, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Tri-state area leaving many without power, water and for some, a home. I am fortunate to still have a home, even though my building is still uninhabitable and without water or power.

Sandy taught me a lot of lessons. Some maybe related to this thesis project. Since I have no family here, I learned the power of having a “family-like” experience. I may have not had the comfort of my own home, but I had many friends open their home to me. I also saw a lot of other people opening their homes to other people. People were creating their own “families” and having “family dinner” together during this time of distress. Strangers coming together in hardship. lt is sad though, to think that natural disasters are often what bring communities together the most. People finally start helping people once things go bad, rather than always helping them even when things are good.

Look at Paweena’s “Post-Sandy family dinner.” It wasn’t just her own family, but also a friend without power from the city and a visitor from Guatemala. Now that’s what you call family!



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