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After a Thanksgiving Break hiatus, it’s time to think Thesis again through this blog. I wasn’t posting during the break, but today is a new day.

Here is the presentation I gave today. My main goal with this round of “prototyping” was to focus in on the form and also to develop my concept.

We had formal critiques today and Ed Keller, came to be a guest crit. I thought his feedback was extremely helpful since he provided me with a lot of film references that follow the same themes of my thesis–something I never got before. (notes below copied from Katherine’s on-the-spot transcriptions)

  • BOOK: dyosteyevsky, brothers karamazov, about complex family relations, kind
    of twisted, but remarkable
  • film references re: absent parent, zyvinskev, “the return” boys living
    with mother and absent father shows up
  • robert lepage, “the confessional” about a series of complex family
    relationships, missing family members. many scenes take place in
    family house, and is remembering scenes from his own life an family
  • he filmmaking techniques, of
    space, and how you use it can relate to your work. furniture design if
    it is good has a lot of detail that communicates. relates story from
    youth and the family table he still has in his home – has an
    opportunity to look at details, thickness, temperature of material,
    finish of material, etc.
  • 1950s furniture design raymond lowry (?)
  • robert smithson in the 1960s. happenings, dinner parties for all who
    would come. can look at it as an interesting example, related example.
  • sophie calle – folds personal life into work. the way she weaves
    personal narrative into work – become autobiographical, but also
    destabilizes the relationship to this work – how do you get close to
    the work when she has objectively catalogues the experience.
  • “all about my mother” – pedro almovodar – about lost
    parents and lost children.
  • what constitutes the interface – should
    definitely see the films they are dealing with the exact interests you
    are exploring.
  • should not have just two sketch models – should have 50. can come up
    with examples – design drawing, notebook, journal. – need to do more
    iteration than just 3-4.






Collapsible Dining Table Research

Looking for some things that people have already made to help make my life a little easier.

Skovby “Multi-purpose” Small Space Dining Table

This one actually has space to house the chairs! Butterfly Folding Dining Table By John Lewis

Folding teak stool from Design within Reach. Too bad the price isn’t within reach. $310


And finally… this is the dining table we have at home! It’s Danish and has leaves to expand the sides.


Now I am in the process of making a prototype for my  “mobile dinner table” thesis idea. The mobility comes from myself being mobile, and moving these past few years, but also that this is something I can take anywhere. It is something that can be set up for other, as well as myself to enjoy.

I started playing around with some paper last night and cam up with two possible designs for this (so far). It’s a lot harder than you think!  Making everything compact in a small space, and being able to “roll-out” into something much larger is definitely a challenge.


Having “family dinner” with my friend, Hyeri.

I have def been slacking on posting to Matsumoto Thesis, but that does not mean there has been a lack of thesis work.
I have made a lot of personal progress. Now I feel like I am in a much better place, especially in understanding what is important to me. The feeling of family dinner, and family coming together is really the biggest deal in this whole exploration. I want to be able to “re-create” these rituals and make aware the importance of having them.

For me, it helped due to the absence of my father. I was alway afraid or hesitant to bring him up in my discussion because a lot of people don’t know how to react. The heart of my thesis is my family and their influence on my artistic life. We were not perfect, but we were as perfect as can be. The idea of family dinner is not only important for myself, but for everyone. Keeping the focus at the table and with the people around you. It is when most people feel they are with, or forced to be with their family.


I haven’t posted to Matsumoto Thesis for about a week now. If I had to grade myself, I’d give myself and F for no effort.  Although, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the Tri-state area leaving many without power, water and for some, a home. I am fortunate to still have a home, even though my building is still uninhabitable and without water or power.

Sandy taught me a lot of lessons. Some maybe related to this thesis project. Since I have no family here, I learned the power of having a “family-like” experience. I may have not had the comfort of my own home, but I had many friends open their home to me. I also saw a lot of other people opening their homes to other people. People were creating their own “families” and having “family dinner” together during this time of distress. Strangers coming together in hardship. lt is sad though, to think that natural disasters are often what bring communities together the most. People finally start helping people once things go bad, rather than always helping them even when things are good.

Look at Paweena’s “Post-Sandy family dinner.” It wasn’t just her own family, but also a friend without power from the city and a visitor from Guatemala. Now that’s what you call family!