The Missing Piece

I bring you a  post from April 4, 2012 on to help explain the missing piece of Matsumoto Thesis.

My dad & I–Can you see the resemblance? Japan, 1965 : New York, 2011

I valued family dinner because it was one thing that my mom did that made us a family. Dinner time allowed us to come together as a family in the same space, at the same time. For me, family dinners were not just a time to eat and enjoy each other’s company, but it brought normalcy and stability to my very unnormal family. My mom wanted to do this for us, to bring us together and now I know why.  Although I did not know it at the time, I counted on family dinners. It filled the missing piece that wasn’t there in my life, my dad. After passing away when I was only three, I grew up without a dad in my life. A traumatic experience that could have gone terribly wrong. Now that I am older, I feel like it is time for me personally and artistically explore this missing part of my life. Until now, I always accepted that he wasn’t there, but what if he was still here? Would family dinners be as important to me as they are now? I am not sure. What I do know is that this is finally the missing piece, or lost piece, of the puzzle that I have been avoiding and meandering around for the past couple weeks, or years, or maybe my whole life. But now, as a confident 23 year-old I want to confront this and see where it brings me at the end of thesis.


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