Throwback Tuesday: “Snail Mail”

My first Major Studio project in MFADT, “Snail Mail”. It was a “network” to create connections between people through the act of writing and sending letters. This came back into my mind from a quote in “Alone Together.”

“An extended telephone call or a letter-these rare and difficult things–demonstrate full attention.” (271)

In the digital age, letter writing has become a “throwback.” Who does this anymore when you can text, e-mail, or instant message?

How this relates to my thesis? Well, I think it has something to do with that “full attention.” While sitting at a dinner table, you are forced to give the people there your “full attention.”

The “network” at the dinner table is based on the people sitting there. It is ONLY those people who are sitting there. That’s the only network you have in that moment.




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