“Alone Together”

Networked, we are together, but so lessened are our expectations of each other that we can feel utterly alone. And there is the risk that we come to see others as objects to be accessed and only for the parts we find useful, comforting or amusing.” –Sherry Turkle

This weekend I have been busy reading this book, “Alone Together,” by Sherry Turkle. I started it a week or so ago, but finally started getting into the parts that really got me thinking about how it relates to my thesis. As I find myself in this space of “i’m not sure” what I am going to do, I do know the aspects that are important to me. I feel like I am moving like a turtle, but I am hoping that slow and steady will win the race.

Here are some quick notes, with longer notes to follow:

  • Everyone is “tethered” to a mobile device
  • Sense of “privacy” when talking in a public space is a presumption.
  • Technology offers us substitutes for connecting face-to-face

What I enjoyed about this book so far is the conversation between how to deal with new technology and the connectivity. Turkle does not just say that the new forms of communication are “great!” and “awesome!” but she also looks at the faults. She analyzing how something helps and hurts us at the same time, bringing up valid points about how society is changing.



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