Project Titles

Although I haven’t nailed down my project ideas, we are still working on project titles. My thesis project for my undergrad degree in Visual Arts was called “Please Remove Your Shoes.” Unlike here on the mainland, in Hawaii, you remove your shoes before entering a home. This project had a lot to do with coming into my “home” that I recreated in a gallery space. This exhibition was also centered around a dining table that I created because it was the space where conversations were held and I learned a lot about my family culture.

This project is a little different because it focuses more on the table, and dinner conversation. I think it is also more related to the relationships formed between the people at the table. For me, it may be the relationship between my mom. At the table, we played by her rules.

I am going to start by listing some (obvious and not very good) thoughts:

  • Dinner Conversations
  • Time for Dinner
  • Dinner Time
  • Five by four (Five people, four sides to the table)
  • FamilyTime (like FaceTime, but not just digitally? bringing back the tech into the idea?)
  • No TV at the table (?)
  • Table Talk
  • Family First
  • Together (To…Get..Her)…yeah that’s useless
  • The Space Within
  • ….still thinking

I like “Talk to me” so its too bad that it was the title for that MoMA exhibit. Shucks!


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