Three Generations

My life has gone through its ups and downs, but along the way I always had two of the strongest ladies in my life–my mom, Ann and my grandma–Florence. They were there for me back in 1995, when this picture was taken and are there for me today. This got me thinking because they both called me separately today about different things.

I go back to my thoughts about technology from a little earlier in this thesis process because technology at the dinner table was bad, but technology to stay connected is good. I don’t know if this means my interest still lies in this balance of technology we use everyday, but I do know that between these two topics the connection IS my family and specifically my Mom, Ann.

I tried to push beyond myself for this thesis and go into a topic that I never explored before that still closely relates to my interests but I have accepted that this is still about my mom and my family.  Why? Well, I think it is through everything that I have been through so far in life–all my major life changes–I have kept my family in mind. I truly appreciate the guidance and foundation I had as a young child because that structure has formed me to be who I am now. The little things that I thought were once a nuisance are now the things that I am considering to base my MFA thesis on. That means something. If I can’t get away from it, I need to go to it.


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