Meeting with Louisa

Today we had individual meetings for writing class with Louisa, our professor.

Here are some things for me to think about:

  • Is this actually autobiographical? I have been struggling with this idea to move beyond myself, but as Katherine, my thesis teacher suggested yesterday, and Louisa again today, maybe it is about me and my experiences, and that is completely OK. The problem is that I need to accept that it is more about a personal exploration and finding conventions to do this to relate it back out to other people if I want to
  • Ultimately, thesis is something I want to do and if I am not being true to myself it will not be successful.
  • “Reclaiming conversation”  is something that Louisa sees as being central to my ideas.
  • Nostalgia, longing
  • Relationship with my Mom? Louisa pointed out that my Mom always comes up in these conversations that I have and in my presentations. My mom has been a big part of my life and as one of the strongest women I know, has a lot to do with the way I was brought up and the values that I have. Maybe she is right and this is about close we are and why that is?
  • More questions: What are the experiences you want to create for your participant? what feelings do you want to elicit?

Related references:

It Takes a Village, by Hillary Rodham Clinton

No longer Bowling Alone, Henry Jenkins


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