What is old is new again?

I have been reading a lot on “media archaeology” and how to understand where we are going we have to look back into the past. For example, the PopPhone. So popular in the last couple months but using a design from an early phone. bringing the ear piece and the microphone back to the smart phone and getting us away from the screen. Feels a little nostalgic.

In reference to my earlier article I posted from GQ, where the editor called meeting people in person “so retro,” I also thought about how there are other “old” things are becoming popular again. People love the idea of Polaroids  cameras and we see projects like the one below from The Impossible Project on Kickstarter that creates a personal printer for iPhone photos.

The demand is there. They double their goal and got 2,000+ people to support them. The actual camera looks silly, but look at how hard these people worked to take some steps backwards, using the simple point and shoot, and how many people are demanding to see this project through! I think this is just amazing, and ridiculous at the same time. Wouldn’t it be simple enough to just take a picture with a regular camera, rather than taking a picture of a picture on our iPhone?

So it seems that there is a time and space for this idea of looking back to move forward and how new digital media doesn’t separate us from communicating with one another, but might actually be helping us evolve as users to position ourselves. The technology helps people do distill their thoughts and realize what they value–which seems to be, what is old, is new again.


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