More Precedents

Portable Cell Phone Booth, Nick Rodrigues 2002

This project draws attention to the separation created between a person and society when they are walking on the street and talking on their cellphone. By creating a portable cellphone backpack, the user can wear it around and when on a call, pull the booth over their head. The booth represents the isolation and privacy of a phone booth. Imagine if everyone on their phone had this on their back. It’s becoming too easy for people to pull out a cellphone and use it and people are becoming unaware of the isolating effects they have on others.

  • This is related to my idea of where the phone fits into the physical space. If I am trying to get at the etiquette of cellphone use, this helps to show the separation. Although I think I wil create something physical, I don’t think it will be as radical?

Social Mobiles for IDEO, Crispin Jones, 2002

This project explores making the use of the mobile phone less disruptive. From the website “Social Mobiles is an exploration into mobile phone behavior…artist Crispin Jones worked as a research associate with IDEO to create five working mobile telephones that in different ways modify their users’ behavior to make it less disruptive. The intent is to provoke discussion about the social impact of mobile phones.”

  • This is an interesting comment on how the phone has intruded or impacted our life and how we take for granted the ease of use.
  • I do like how these objects can be handled just like a cellphone, or other technologies
  • This project puts a new use for the cellphone which I am not trying to do. I like how it raises and awareness to the user and has different forms to address the same issue.

The Cell Atlantic Cell Booth, Jenny L. Chowdhury


“Talking on the phone is no longer a private exchange. What if you could carry a phone booth with you and set it up when you needed to converse in private?”

This project brings attention to the connection between privacy and courtesy.  Using a phone is now so easy for us to do since we are not glued to a desk or next to a phone booth. We use our phone all the time, anywhere, answer at the very moment it rings because it is right next to us. However, people often disregard those around them. Not everyone needs to hear your conversation. The artist “grappled with these issues of privacy, personal space and nostalgia for a ‘simpler time.”‘ Something that I am also trying to get at with my current thesis idea.

  • Another phone booth backpack! This one might be better than the one above because the user is fully enclosed by the backpack.
  • I am thinking that in whatever way I choose to impose my thesis ideas to my users/viewers, they will not engage with using the cellphone or whatever technology it is. After all, the point is to find a balance and etiquette not engage the user/viewer in the problem. Unless, they might need to in order to provide a full experience.

Other things I need to look at:


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