Precedent: It’s a Book by Lane Smith

Books are universal. Books are the one thing that won’t fail us unexpectedly like a hard drive crash. Once printed a book holds a story forever.  As I continued to read “Realspace” and I came across the following quotes that I agree with:

Books, of course, cannot go very far without hands to turn their pages and eyes awake enough to read them. And we need to keep its pages close to our face. But books have the advantage of being readable anywhere there is light.

No current electronic communication device has the book’s–especially the paperback’s– almost effortless mobility, requiring no preparation (other than being literate and having the book at hand) to receive its information.

These quotes also sparked a memory of a book my mom showed me last summer. It was a good book  titled “It’s a Book” by Lane Smith. The short video below describes the frustration between one character that wants more from the book. The following video shows that children may never look at books the same way. The baby, only one and already programmed to think of every surface as interactive, like an iPad shows how the technology we are so used to may cause new problems while solving old ones.


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