Bobst knows best.

Blurry Bobst

Today I went to Bobst Library to do some researching. The first thing I noticed when I went in was new decor when you look up into the atrium. Beautiful!

Next I went looking for some books. I decided to check out a book on Judy Chicago’s, The Dinner Party. I want to read a little more about the meaning behind each place setting. I also know that this is at the Brooklyn Museum. I visited for the first time this spring but did not spend much time around the installation so I want to go back to scope things out a little bit.

The other book I picked up is “Realspace: The fate of physical presence in the digital age, on and off planet” by Paul Levinson. I am not sure how I came across this one because I actually found it in the “space travel” section, but there is a section on technology in the digital and physical world. A random find that looks like a perfect fit. I have not read much yet, but I did find this quote in my quick skim that made this book worthy to borrow:

All technologies are trade-offs.  Whether transport or communication, they disable, set back, and eclipse at the same time that they extend, enhance, and provide. THey cause new problems as they solve old ones.”

I was happy with my Saturday trip to the library and when it comes to searching and finding the perfect book, turns out Bobst knows best.



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