Precedent Map

Yesterday we did work on our precedent map. At first, I was nervous because I thought I had many random precedents that might be hard to link together. I also wished I had more projects I looked at that were not just from DT. But, I worked with what I got and I was able to create a map that can serve as a basis for some different KEYWORDS for my thesis.

My map started in a very constricted form. I started organizing in rows and columns and that did not work well at all. I discovered that I wanted to find more ways to cross reference certain projects because they were similar in a few ways.

The common denominator was a “cultural-historical” category.  From there, I branched out into autobiographical, historical referenced projects, individual experience projects, and collaborative projects. I sorted my precedents into these groups and then started pulling keywords about each that described why I was fascinated or interested in the project. Soon I discovered some sub-categories that I referenced in yellow above the list of precedents. I also replaced the middle theme of “cultural-historical” with “THESIS” because really, that is what this is all about, right?

Working through the process more and developing key words, I started to find some common words that came up. Find those here:

  • Object-oriented
  • Physical + Digital
  • Cultural experience
  • Autobiographical
  • Community
  • Craft
  • Memory

These are the subcategories pictured in yellow:

  • Digital
  • Individual
  • Solution to problem
  • Cultural history
  • Major Events
  • Memory/Past Experience

So, after all that worrying that my precedents were random, disconnected and lacking in quantity for this type of exercise, I did find some important threads. The most important thing is that this can continue to develop as I look for more precedents and start prototyping.


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