I dream of thesis.

Woke up this morning and my first thought was thesis. No joke. It was “design + history.” I didn’t know what to make of this moment because I surprised myself!

When I thought about it more throughout the day, I realized this combo came as a reaction from a school visit I did earlier this week at Riverdale Country School. This place was b-e-a-utiful. I felt like I was in a movie. I shadowed a 11th grade student and one class was a combo History and English course. The class was co-taught by two teachers who blended the material together to form one course. This idea made a lot of sense to me because they used movies that held deep historical context as a way to also explore literature and English. The students read, and will watch Angels in America. I liked this idea that they were learning from a different source other than a textbook. Somehow, it makes the information more real, and relevant when it doesn’t come from a two inch thick book. This is why I hated math but could understand science (to a certain degree). I wish there was more of this learning from something other than a text book when  I was in high school. This makes history a lot more exciting than rattling off and memorizing dates.

Riverdale Cafeteria, is this for real?

So how exactly does this come back to “design+history” moment I had this morning? I am still highly interested in the home setting as a base,  not an end. Home is the inspiration to this question marked ending. I kept thinking and wrote some things down throughout the day. So here they are with revised notes tagged along.

  • Things made into things we use (what? relating to design objects we overlook, the everyday things)
  • There is a history rooted behind many things we use, but why?
  • Creation of conversation pieces (Katherine said in the b-storming exercise that she wasn’t sure if making an object would make you talk more though)
  • “Coffee Table Book” (where did this come from? coffee table books are conversation pieces, right? what is the purpose?)
  • how do these “old” things fit into the “new definition” of things. (is the new definition that a lot of these things don’t exist in homes anymore? because of the cell phone? because of technology? maybe we have an iPad instead of a coffee table book?)
  • Look at Design History
  • Maybe it’s a redesign of popular designed objects of the past?
  • What things are universally used across different cultures?
  • the “generic-ness” of IKEA seems to work everywhere (they are in 40+ countries), same stuff, different cultures.
  • Products that the highly designed person desires for the undesigned person. (things only the rich could have, but made for everyone. reminds me of Target and how they make the expensive things affordable to everyone).
  • How can we make a commentary on the home space?
  • Does connecting ourselves to various technologies make us isolated to the people who are right next to us?

Writing & Research Class: Notes from Louisa’s comments on today’s discussion

  • Read: Carl Jung, “The Collective Unconscious”
  • Look at: Lisa Lee’s Project from last year
  • Dream catchers: They are personal but a symbol serving as a repository for anyone

That’s all folks.


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