Weather Forecast: It’s Brain-STORMING!

Today in thesis class we did a brainstorming activity. It started with a pen and  a pack of 100 Post-its. This was a very quick brainstorming session and I ended up writing everything that came to mind related to my current thesis idea. My current ideas relate to home and past experiences around the family dinner table. The rituals, the conversations, the feelings and emotions that are associated with the event. However, after looking at my map, I think I might have reached a hurdle I need to jump over.

I started off with “My Home” and moved into “Family Dinners” and types of dinners we have. Things associated to the events of eating and rituals that all relate to my culture.

I then started looking at the “dinner” itself. The act of eating at the table, rules involved, etc.  How does this dinner interaction make someone feel? From this list I noticed that dinner is about the conversation but it’s still WHAT ABOUT the conversation?

Then I started looking at me now. This new space I live in, this new ritual I have of eating alone, far from home, in a new space. What does this mean?

And then what about the patterns that can be seen in these two spaces? Finally I started thinking about the Design questions I am trying to answer. The design problems and possible solutions.

As we discussed, Katherine said “Maybe we are redefining the “new home” and the way people are taking this experience into new spaces.” I like this idea however, I am starting to feel that this dinner/conversation/family theme is becoming jaded in my mind. I need to find what I can do to take this to the next level. Beyond what I already know and how do I search for something that I want to know? But what is it that I want to know?

As I start to think of how I can solve this, or prototyping I get a little stuck. I might want to go back and look at historical context. This is the hurdle I need to jump over.

With all of this I am still interested in the themes of culture, sharing and learning.

Uhh… clearly. still. thinking.


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