Thesis Writing: Jessica’s Current Concept

For our  Thesis Writing  assignment this week , we interviewed a classmate and rewrote their current thesis concept. I got to work with Jessica. Her idea stems from her current long distance relationship.  I wanted to share this on my personal site because of the process she went through in formulating her idea. The idea  stems from a personal experience, but also relates to a problem that many people go through. With apps out there like Pairthe solution seems there already, but Jessica is looking at a different space. It’s not just the communication, but it is also the cooperation and sharing of feelings between one another. Below is what I wrote so far, followed by some design questions.

Writing someone else’s thoughts was a nice step back from constantly thinking of my own ideas. Everyone has their own process and inspiration.

Imagine being in a relationship with someone, but not in the same place. The struggle of communicating, not knowing your partner’s feelings, and daily habits will soon create a disconnect between one another. Many people deal with long distance relationships. Jessica’s current  idea stems from personal experience of being in this exact situation.

Living in New York, she struggles with keeping in touch with her boyfriend in Taiwan. This summer, Jessica went back home to Taiwan to visit her boyfriend. They have been together for years and maintained a relationship while she has been away, but she still felt she has missed a lot of events from his daily life.

Time is another issue that Jessica wants to think about in her project. The time difference between Taiwan and New York makes it hard for Jessica and her boyfriend to communicate. Bedtime her for is  the morning for him and while she may want to talk before bed, he needs to rush out to get to work.  Their schedules do not align well so she wants to create something they can share, regardless of time or distance.

Jessica wants to create a mobile application for distant partners—something two people can interact with no matter how far they live from each other.  Some of  the topics she wants to touch on is the physical vs. digital space and emotions between two people. Since partners are unable to share physical space, they will be able to share the space within the application.  One idea Jessica has revolves around sharing a mobile pet. Both partners can contribute to the growth and development of this character and it will offer a common similarity in their daily routines.

By keeping their thoughts and emotions in the mobile space, the couple will be able to share information with each other through the application. There are  mobile apps out there, like Pair, but it is purely a communication platform. The goal is to create a simple, and not too complex application  so couples can easily communicate with one another across great distances. They will be able to share an experience together even though they are not together in the same place. Jessica wants to give long distance couples the ability to feel like they are together, even when they are miles apart.

Design Questions?

  • What can couples share to boost communication while separated by distance?
  • How can couples interact with each other in the mobile space that allows them to feel they aren’t missing anything in the physical space?
  • Is it possible to create something that brings distant couples closer together while living apart?

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