A new “Family Dinner”

Act natural, and Ping decides to pose.

At Panera Bread (not at a home) with new family (not my bloodline) after a long day of school and enjoying a meal together (with conversation and laughs).

Tonight after a night at school, Paweena + Ping, Amira and I decided we needed to eat dinner. For a moment I thought, I could go home and eat something I had in the fridge, but it would be much more enjoyable to hang out with other people.  The family dinner experience here in NYC is a little different from being with your real family because it’s the non-traditional family.  There seems is a new hype with shows such as,  “The New Normal”   or the “Modern Family”  showing us that the traditions we grew up with are changing. So maybe the “family dinner” is changing too.


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