Past Thesis Precedents

This project is similar to the idea from my Mini-Thesis that was about solitary dining using the TV Dinner experience.  My project focused on the cultural learning that may come from such experience, embracing the idea of eating alone. However, this project by Rita Saad contrasts by providing women with a toolkit to help them deal with the awkwardness that dining in a solitary situation. 

ZombieComp may not look like a related project, but after reading more through Kellyn’s paper I found similarities in the way she was bringing up cultural references to the Zombies. My cultural references may be a little different but she does look back using history to formulate her overall thesis idea.

I really enjoy the idea of “gifting” that Lara brings up with her thesis project.  The mobile app stems from the basic idea of creating a mixtape for someone and giving it to a friend—a tradition that has been lost over the years because casette tapes have been replaced with mp3’s. She uses technology in a way that brings gift-exchange back to life in the present day. The experience may be a little different, but the concept is closely related to a memory that Lara cherished as a child. Katherine showed me this project done by Adam Scher also relating to memory and past experiences. The project is a suite of little mini projects that all revolve around the same idea. Adam brings up his past experiences and relives certain memories brining the idea that we lose memories over time. Adams project may be related to what I am working on since many of my personal experiences and ideas are influenced by my past memories, good and bad.


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